Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an online Portal important?

CONNECTIVITY. In the Top 3 of how to do business. The key is to connect without feeling constantly connected (especially for your client(s)). Pushing data from our main system or dash into a Portal is super-efficient and super-connective; even more so when the data is being sent from multiple directions but being streamlined into the correct pockets. Upsell opportunities abound, cost saving contoured brilliance to boot. Making MORE cash and spending LESS of it; Portals, who wouldn’t?

Reminders do the Remembering.

Clients a-plenty. That’s what we want. VOLUME; turn it up! Now what? Well you could, I guess, service every request personally or by heavily staffing your office or offices. Not an option for most of us and even if it is, human error. Template an email, or choose one from the list (that’s right, you don’t even have to write it!) Tick a box or 2, calendarize and send. 10 Years’ time? No worries. We’ve got your back.

When is a Live Report not a Live Report?

3 weeks after the event, that’s when. Everybody loves a report (it’s not just us, right?). Problem is they can be complex and difficult to produce, even more so to send when the information contained within it has real value. We all know that the value dissipates the longer it takes to get the report to the viewer who needs it; do it instantly. VALUE. Linking incident (often in the field) to office instantly is a beautiful thing and will ENHANCE your service levels to stratospheric proportions.

Eat, Sleep, Schedule; Repeat.

Moving people, moving things; herding cats. It would be so satisfyingly simple if we could input the time and place once and then let the system remember and repeat as many times as you need. SIMPLE? We did it. That’s right, no more white boards, lists, programmes, excel sheets. Just one system, doing it all. You can even see where you have sent your people and things on our interactive map, in real time. Even better, your people can view where your sending them on their phone or tablet. HANDY.

It’s Great, no wait! Why can’t I update?

We all want the latest thing. Shiny and new, straight out of the box. Then, old. Better, bigger model; shinier and newer (sad face). You’re stuck. Paid out your hard-earned cash and now you’ve got outdated technology. FIXED. Sprightly keen disco dancing data coming straight down your information pipe keeping you as up to date as you’ll ever need to be. SOFTWARE. Cool, isn’t it?

Can you see what I can see?

Windows; the see-through kind. Clever things. Magic Windows – well… cleverer. With a few clicks of a button you can see what they (operatives, staff) can see. That’s it. A few clicks. Doesn’t matter where you are, have a sneaky peak. On the beach. In the house. Birthday Party. Even at work. You get the picture (see what we did there).

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